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  • Ben Lindsay

    Ben brings ten years experience of consumer journey to the table. Working his way up from a Saturday boy in a shoe shop to managing top tier stores with combined turnover of over £10M, Ben has a true understanding of what the customer wants. An expert in business development and training, he has rolled out several business change initiatives for high street retailers, and is now bringing his experience to the drinks industry, recruiting, training and managing brand ambassadors to help brands achieve the results they are looking for. Ben is a solid pair of hands when it comes to branding, and knows how keep customers coming back.
  • Henry Hutton

    Henry has a Masters degree from King's College London in Human Resource Management & Organisational Analysis. After completing his Masters degree Henry joined a law firm based in the city of London to focusing on a range of HR and L&D roles. These roles have allowed Henry to gain experience and expertise in training and managing individuals. Henry has worked with the team since 2014 on collaborative drinks and marketing events focusing on consumer engagement with brands. Henry’s role involves closely working on a range of exciting projects with retained and transactional clients whilst also managing the financial and operational aspects of Garnish on a day to day basis.
  • Nik Koster

    With an agency background in working with some of the world’s biggest names in drinks including PepsiCo, Diageo and Heineken, Nik built up a love of the drinks industry and wanted to explore more premium avenues. With long stints in drinks-only agency roles and WSET qualifications Nik joined a premium start-up gin brand in 2014 with a very hands-on Brand Manager role. Since launching Garnish in 2015 Nik has become a judge on the IWC, World Drinks Awards, Spirits Business Masters and more which alongside the six years in the industry has given him a wealth of great contacts and experience.